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Access denied from Vista Explorer


Hello NetApp experts

Our mutual customer has a NetApp FAS3050 NAS filer

They set the root shares  (CIFS) with the following NTFS permissions

Everyone - List Folder/Read Data

and then set explicit permissions on folders below there

(this is their corporate standard)

This works fine for XP and Server 2003 clients -- they can browse the folder and access sub folders (sub folders that they have rights to)

But is not working with Vista clients

Vista Explorer gets access denied on the root share

But Vista cmd prompt can read the root share ok !

Anyone come accross this before ?

Setting Traverse Folder permissions on the root share reportedly overcomes the issue

(even though the users should already have the bypass traverse checking right

Thanks for any thoughts



What version of OnTap is being used?


OnTap version is NetApp Release

The OnTap version is fine, interesting that the CMD prompt can gain access with no probs.  If I get chance I'll try and re-produce on our kit but we're running OnTap 7.3.1 so this might be misleading...

Thanks, if you have a chance to try Vista Exploerer and cmd prompt against any OnTap version, that would be much appreciated.

Not sure what the recommended root share permissions are, and how it compares to

Everyone - Special - List Folder/Read Data



The end customer (our mutual customer) has heard from NetApp and they have confirmed it is a NetApp 'issue' in this particular way it is all configured and have recommended some work around


Take a look at BURT 263650