Network and Storage Protocols

NetApp to Solaris


I have created a Volume - a Qtree - and a LUN.  What is the best way to create a mount on Solaris to see the new information?



"The best" way is to use SnapDrive for UNIX:




BTW - why did you post the question under File Services? Are you after an NFS mount (file share) by any chance?

If that's the case, then there is no need to create a LUN on the NetApp side - you need just a volume which can be presented to UNIX hosts via NFS export. And in this scenario SnapDrive becomes irrelevant (this is LUN manager).


I'm new to Solaris. I'm just trying to find out the best way for my Solaris to see the volumes I have created on the NetApp


If you are talking about SAN connected storage, than you will need to follow the manuals on how to properly map, discover, and then mount the LUNs.  All of this is convered in the block guides.  It's different for each OS.  SnapDrive can help with this if you have it, but there is a manual process for each OS.  But you won't see the volumes in this case, just the LUNs.

In an NFS context, you can see volumes just by exporting them and mounting them up.