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Access denied on Multi protocol SVM NFS mount




I followed the SMB /CIS and NFS Multiprotocol Configuration guide for ontap 9.7

I was able to create the SVM, volume etc as the guide describes.

I am able to go to a Windows servers and successfully access the share and write to the volume.

When I log into my Red Hat Linux 7.9 client   I am able to sudo bash and do mkdir /mnt/folder

When I enter the command "mount -t nfs -o nfsvers=3,hard <data lif IP>:/test (volume name)   /mnt/folder

I get the error    mount:nfs access denied by server while running mount <SVM IP>:/test



My export is set to include the IP of the server I am trying to mount the volume test on  with access protocols  CIFS/NFS    read-only rule never, RW rule Any, Superuser access   Any.    I applied this export to to volume in the junction path.


Under Host users and name mapping I set Unix to Windows pattern (.+)    replacement ENG\\1       and under Windows to Unix   the pattern is ENG\\(.+) and replacement is \1.  This what is recommended to do in this manual.


I am no Unix guru but I have ssuccessfully set up NFS SVM's and have been able to mkdir /mnt touch files on this same Unix server.


Not sure where I went wrong or what other information would be helpful to troubleshoot this?   THanks.





To be able to mount via NFS you will need to have read access for the root vol and read-write for the volume in junction-path.

You can run the below command to check where the failing is occuring.

cluster1::> vserver export-policy check-access -vserver <vserver-name> -client-ip <Ip address> -volume
<volume name> -authentication-method sys -protocol nfs3 -access-type read-write


The below kb can help you troubleshoot the issue:




Thank you.  This is very helpful.     I think I am getting hung up on the Name mapping    Unix to Windows and Windows to Unix.      I put in the values as described in the Multiprotocol Guide.   When I ran secd authentication show-creds -node <node name> -vserver <vserver name> -uid 0            I got the output could not find Windows name "ENG\1"      Failure: name mapping for Unix user 'root' failed.   Explicit Mapping failed and no default mapping found.       Perhaps I should change ENG\1 to something else?    Do you know of any document that describes / gives examples of Name Mapping (unix to windows, windows to unix).   Thanks.