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Access denied on some files on snapvaulted vmware nfs volumes from a Windows 7 with NFS client



I have a nfs volume with some of our vmware vm's that is snapshotted on the primary storage without

I want to mount a .vmdk file on the secondary storage to restore a file from my Windows 7 client using the builtin NFS client through vmware workstations map function.

I mount the nfs export without any problems, but are only able to read some of the files (I can read the vmware.log file, but not the server.nvram file), but not the important ones (.vmdk). I connect as root and have tried both read/write and root access without any experienced difference.

Any ideas on how to get it working?





Ok, soon after I discovered that the UID and the GID both was -2 = nobody. No matter how I changed the registry settings for the Windows 7 NFS Client and restarted the service, the problem remained. So far I've changed my approach so that I flexclone a snapshot to a new volume, mount the volume on an ESX host, mount the .vmdk on a vm and restore my files, and the clean up after that. Currently described as text, but being a Powershell addict, it will soon be converted to a much simpler Powershell script.