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Access denied when trying to write to a filer nfs from Windows 2003 R2 x64


I have created an NFS export from one of my filers that I want a Windows 2003 R2 x64 machine to be able to write to.  I have installed Microsoft services for NFS and I am able to browse to the export, but not able to write to it.  When I attempt to write to the share, I immediately receive Access denied.  Does anyone have any knowledge on how to do this?





Been a while since I've worked with MS NFS services, but likely this is still a permissions issue.  How are you connecting from windows?  I recall you give it a user/pw that the filer will authenticate?  Or is it using your windows ID?

If you connected as root, you need to share the export with root=<windows_IP>, which is not the default.  If you don't connect as root, the user you connect as needs to have write permission to the directory tree that is exported (write permission from a unix point of view, assuming that the volume is of unix security type).  I'm assuming this is a unix security volume, since you're using NFS?