Network and Storage Protocols

Advice on creating vol and LUNs


I am looking on some advice on how to design the storage structure when creating vols, luns and cifs.  When we recieved our netapp a couple of months ago a tech from the vedor set everything up and gave us a quick rundown on how to manage it. 

His recommendation was that for every LUN or CIFS that needed to be created it was a good practice to create each one its own volume.  So far i have been following that method but i wanted to poll the community pro's on what they thought about doing it this way.  I really dont see any harm in it but Im new to the game and wanted to make sure im following the proper methods when it comes to administering the storage.



I agree with that...The best practice is to not mix nas and san data in the same volume...even though it does work it is best to keep separate.  They can still share the same aggregate for more spindle I/O.


I second that, mixing SAN & NAS data in the same volume can lead to a number of issues so rule of thumb: keep them separate