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Strange MultiStore messaged after running a configure


Just wondering what is causing the following messages when we run a vfiler dr configure- it seems like the new DR vFiler is trying to start CIFS?

Fri May  6 12:06:36 EDT [new_dr_vfiler@netapp1: cifs.cfgFile.IOError:error]: CIFS: Error accessing CIFS configuration information in file /etc/filersid.cfg. error creating filer SID: 0x6 Device not configured.

Fri May  6 12:06:36 EDT [new_dr_vfiler@netapp1: smbrpc.localgroupsConfigFile.IOError:error]: CIFSRPC: Error accessing local groups information in file /etc/lclgroups.~~~: Could not create a temp file to hold local group information.



Does "vfiler status" show the vfiler is stopped as a dr vfiler?  It might be when the vfiler was configured and prior to being stopped...but it should start cifs for a dr configure and looks like a bug.  I would also open a case and see if it is a known issue or if a new BURT needs to be filed.



Status shows as stopped, DR backup. Do you mean to say that it should NOT start CIFS during the configure?


It shouldn't bring up the vfiler or protocol.. For example, many customers keep the same ips on source and target and the dr vfiler should have no protocol or network until vfiler dr activate.

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See BURT 519626


Did support confirm a burt?  This is on dr activation and with lclgroups...but not with the vfiler trying to start cifs at configuration.