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execlude volume from scanning by Vscan command!!!


Hi Everyboday,

we are using Data Ontap7.3.2p3 as file server and recently we requested to create three volumes for one Application and they requested those volumes to be execluded from scanning, I tried to use Vcan but seems only can execlude list of extensions?

my question by vscan command can I execlude whole volume from scanning ? if yes please help me in the syntax?

if not 2nd question can we execlude list of extensions for specific volume only not whole storage?

Thanks in advance?



You can disable virus scanning on cifs share level. E.g.:

> cifs shares  -change <share name> -novscan


Thanks Dukers for your reply,

but in case of disable vscan what's the impact on my storage? and also what's the best practices to enable\disable it?

please note that we already have antivirus installed on all users' machines whom access the shares.


Disable vscan = Impact on performance is positive, because scanning generates additional I/Os and makes some accesses slower.

I see all different implementatoions. Some customers sa, we already scan everywhere else (PC, Firewall, Mailserver) and do not need to san again on the NetApp.

The other have rules and/or regulations that form^ce them to scan again.

There is no "one fits all" rule for this.