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Anonymous access in nfs exports


What is the user of anonymous access in nfs exports ??



In Data ONTAP, the default NFS user for anonymous access is 'pcuser' (UID 65534) . You can change this behaviour by adding an entry to /etc/exports like "anon=<uid>". Please see the extract from man page.(man exports)


       Specifies the effective user ID (or name) of all anonymous

       or root NFS client users that access the file system path.

       An  anonymous  NFS  client user is an NFS client user that

       does not provide valid NFS credentials; a root NFS  client

       user  is  an  NFS  client  user with a user ID of 0.  Data

       ONTAP determines  a  user's  file  access  permissions  by

       checking  the  user's  effective  user  ID against the NFS

       server's /etc/passwd file.  By default, the effective user

       ID  of  all  anonymous and root NFS client users is 65534.

       To disable root access by anonymous and  root  NFS  client

       users,  set  the anon option to 65535.  To grant root user

       access to all anonymous and root NFS client users, set the

       anon option to 0.

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