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How to configure FAS2240 for tape backups via FC?


Good day all,

I am quite new to configuring tape backups and also to tape configuration with NetApp storage systems. I have a FAS2240-HA system with FC mezzanine cards attached to it. Further, I also have a FC SAN switch and a tape library with FC drives. My company wants to take backups (NDMP is okay) from storage to tapes.

For the purpose, I want to know how to configure FAS2240-HA system and tape library via FC SAN switch. An architectural description and high-level configuration details are very much appreciated.

Thank you in advanced.




You can find some useful info in the Tape Backup & Recovery guide on the NOW site under Product Documentation:

Normally a 3rd party backup product would be recommended for scheduling, cataloguing, etc.



Thanks Radek.

However, that guide does not explain how the architecture (I mean physical connectivity) and configuration would be. Moreover, the biggest question I have is that, as far as I know, in order to connect a tape drive, the fibre channel ports should be configured as initiators, not as targets. But, the fibre ports in the mezzanine card are always appeared as targets and cannot be configured as initiators. So, in that case, I want to know how to connect and configure a FC tape device with FAS2240.

I hope you can help me out here...



Ports on mezzanine card in FAS2240 can individually be configured as either target or initiator. See SAN configuration guide for your DOT version.