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Antivirus scanning and using Multistore ?


We are looking to use Multistore to provide CIFS shares to multiple Active Directory Domains.  The customer wants to do virus scanning of the shares.  They will use two scan engines, but are wondering if they need to provide a "scan engines" for each virtual filer?  In this case, they need to support 4 different Active Directory Domains, so the question is do they need to have 4 pairs of scan engines for the one physical filer?  My guess is that the answer is "yes", but if not required, would probably be recommended.

Any experience/information on the requirements of virtual filers and virius scannners would be appreciated.

Thank you.




It is optional to use vscan in the virtual filer or the physical fas controller (vfiler0).  Most of my customers do antivirus, ndmp backups, etc. from vfiler0, so they only need to configure from the physical controller then the vfiler uses the physical filer.  It is optional to run av, snapmirror, ndmp from the vfiler too and which to use depends on the environment (security, etc.).  You could use 2 AV scanners if enough bandwidth for the FAS cluster.


One other default, "mandatory_scan" is on by if the scanner(s) are not available, data is not served.  Most of my customers modify this setting so that data is still served but in some cases that might be the default you want.