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Any alternate way to replace /etc/usermap.cfg file


Hi All,

Actually I am looking to find out a way to manage /etc/usermap.cfg centrally instead of managing on each and every filer that is not kind of enterprise way of working. I don't have any idea if we can get rid off /etc/usermap.cfg file and have some otherway to translater user centerally. Don't know if LDAP provides the way.

Following is requirement:-

1/ If some CIFS user wants to access unix security style qtree then how to provide access to a particular CIFS user or CIFS group without the traditional way of translating user from CIFS to Unix with help of /etc/usermap.cfg because thats not managed centerally.

2/ If some Unix user wants to access ntfs security style qtree then how to provide access to a particular unix user or unix group but again without help of /etc/usermap.cfg.

I am thinking following things

1/ If its possible to manage /etc/usermap.cfg file centerally then go with traditional way of translating UNIX/CIFS user to CIFS/UNIX user but manage /etc/usermap.cfg file centrally ?

2/ Does LDAP provide any way to map UNIX and CIFS user and also grant access by translating user from unix to cifs and vice-versa ?

3/ Any other better way to fullfill this requirement ?

Can anyone comment on and provide the clue to explore things further.

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I would say ldap is the way to go, it does however require you pro properly design your setup.

Some helpful hints can be found in:

the other option is to abuse the software install mechanism and have a ziped usermap.cfg on a centralized webserver.

you can install any zip file using "software install"; it will basically unzip with /etc/ as root.