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Balancing my Controllers\Reassigning Disks


Good afternoon,

I've recently acquired a DS243 Shelf with 12 2TB SATA drives to add to my FAS2040. I've installed and configured it, but I believe my configuration is nowhere near balanced or optimized. Essentially 9 of the 12 onboard SAS drives and all of the SATA drives in the DS243 are running on controller 1. Right now controller 2 has 3 SAS drives with nothing on them (had to assign the controller some disks before we had the shelf).

What I'd like to do is reassign the disks as follows

1: All 12 SAS disks assigned to controller 1 and added to aggr0

2: All 12 SATA disks in the DS243 assigned to controller 2

Here's the report of the current disk configuration (from controller 1)

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  DiskTypeChecksum CompatibilityShelfBayChanUsedPhysicalPoolAggregate
0c.00.0dparityzoned/block00SA:B408 GB410 GBPool0aggr0
0c.00.1datazoned/block01SA:B408 GB410 GBPool0aggr0
0c.00.2parityzoned/block02SA:B408 GB410 GBPool0aggr0
0c.00.3sparezoned/block03SA:B408 GB410 GBPool0
0c.00.4datazoned/block04SA:B408 GB410 GBPool0aggr0
0c.00.5datazoned/block05SA:B408 GB410 GBPool0aggr0
0c.00.6datazoned/block06SA:B408 GB410 GBPool0aggr0
0c.00.7datazoned/block07SA:B408 GB410 GBPool0aggr0
0c.00.8datazoned/block08SA:B408 GB410 GBPool0aggr0
0c.00.9partnerzoned/block09SA:B0 MB410 GBPool0
0c.00.10partnerzoned/block010SA:B0 MB410 GBPool0
0c.00.11partnerzoned/block011SA:B0 MB410 GBPool0
0d.03.0sparezoned/block30SA:B2 TB2 TBPool0
0d.03.1parityzoned/block31SA:B2 TB2 TBPool0aggr1
0d.03.2dparityzoned/block32SA:B2 TB2 TBPool0aggr1
0d.03.3datazoned/block33SA:B2 TB2 TBPool0aggr1
0d.03.4datazoned/block34SA:B2 TB2 TBPool0aggr1
0d.03.5datazoned/block35SA:B2 TB2 TBPool0aggr1
0d.03.6datazoned/block36SA:B2 TB2 TBPool0aggr1
0d.03.7datazoned/block37SA:B2 TB2 TBPool0aggr1
0d.03.8datazoned/block38SA:B2 TB2 TBPool0aggr1
0d.03.9datazoned/block39SA:B2 TB2 TBPool0aggr1
0d.03.10datazoned/block310SA:B2 TB2 TBPool0aggr1
0d.03.11datazoned/block311SA:B2 TB2 TBPool0aggr1

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So I'm looking to do this with as little disruption as possible, to that end, I'd like a bit of assistance with the following.


From my research it seems the easiest way to transfer them is to run (from controller 1) "disk assign 0d.03.0 0d.03.1 0d.03.2 0d.03.3 0d.03.4 0d.03.5 0d.03.6 0d.03.7 0d.03.8 0d.03.9 0d.03.10 0d.03.11 -s unowned -f" and then connect to controller 2 and run "disk assign all"

What I'm wondering is, what happens to any volumes\aggregates that have been created on those disks when this transfer takes place? Do they need to be migrated off prior to this, or will the new controller preserve all of the aggr\vol info? Also, is this the best\correct way to re-assign these disks?


When we initially purchased the 2040 we had to give it a minimum of three disks. It's not configured with any volumes on it. Now that controller 2 will have the SATA drives to manage, I want to re-assign 0c.00.9 0c.00.10 0c.00.11 to controller 1. Do I go about that with the "disk assign -s unowned -f" method as well? Is there any controller\system information on those that will need to be copied first?

Essentially what I hope to have after this is a aggr0 with all of my SAS running on controller 1 as my NFS\VMWare Datastore aggregate, and an aggr1 with all of my SATA drives running on controller 2 as my CIFS\Backup aggregate.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.




It is a bit of a shame that you already assigned all of the new disks to controller 1 and already built up an aggregate on them.  This all would have been much easier without that. 

Fundamentally, you just need to offline aggr1 and reassign the disks to controller2 (unassign, assign -f, whatever)... Controller 2 will discover the disks as a "foreign" aggregate (there'll be some noise until you get all of them assigned) which you will need to manually online.  The containing volumes will all still be there. CIFS shares and NFS exports and such won't be.

You might want to move your "vol0" volume over to the 2TB disks as well to free up 4 of the 400MB disks.  Moving the "root" volume is a simple task described in the docs (ndmpcopy is your friend) .  After that you can kill the old "vol0/root volume" and the 3 disk "aggr0" and re-assign those disks to controller 1.

That's the job in a nutshell.