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I'm trying to figure out if NetApp is supporting the new Windows 7/2008 Branchcache Function. There is some marketing material from NetApp and Microsoft that seems to indicate it is compatible, but there is certainly no implementation notes on NOW. I spoke to NetApp Support who didn't seem fully aware of branchcache (or if they were - they are confirming it is not compatible and would require a Windows 2008 File Server with LUNs).

Does anyone else have any insight into NetApp and Branchcache?

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NetApp doesn’t support BranchCache yet, it’s on our roadmap to support in the future ONTAP release.



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is branch cache now supported on ONTAP ??




I would also like to know if BranchCache is supported by ONTAP 8 now?  I can't seem to find much on it except a couple presentations say that a NetApp filer can be used, but I am unsure if they are talking about using CIFS directly from a NetApp or if they are talking about a Windows 2008 R2 Server connected to a LUN on a NetApp and the fileserver sharing the data instead of using CIFS directly from the filer.  Of course the LUN way will work, but I don't want to have to run a VM just to share files when my filer already can do that.


Same here: I'd like to know the status of branchcache as well.




Same again, is there any support yet or support for future release?




I've just, today, had the question posed by a customer. I think NetApp need to answer the question frankly.

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I received the folliwing response from a very helpful NetApp person. I hope there is no objection to me pasting it in here to assist with the queries above. As an employee of Avnet, I ought to add the formality that I can't aford to compromise copyright so if you don't have permission to retrieve these documents, consult your NetApp reseller partner.


Data ONTAP does not support yet MS BranchCache. It will be supported in future releases but unfortunatly I cannot tell you when exactly. If you have the right permission, in the following presentation  you can find interesting information about future NetApp solutions which include also MS BranchCache.

As you might already know, NetApp has a similar product named FlexCache. In case you have never heard of it, I send you also a presentation to get an overview about FlexCache."


I realize this is an old post, but I wanted to provide an update.  Microsoft Branchcache is supported in Data ONTAP 8.1.1 in both modes today.  Below is a link to a recent NetApp Technical Report providing more detail:


Small correction. BranchCache is supported in 8.1.1 but only in 7-mode. in 8.2 it is supported in C-Mode as well.


Thanks for taking the trouble to reply to this old thread, this was of interest to me too. Would you be kind enough to post the actual document title, I can't access that link so I'll try a Field Portal search instead.


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I just learned of the "CIFS branchcache" today when joining a new FAS2240 running 8.1.1 to AD.  At the very end of cifs setup, I got the message "can’t set cifs branchcache server secret".  I'll have to read up on this "branchcache"...