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CIFS Domain controllers


Hi all,

i have a FAS 3140 with 2 controllers in active/active configuration.

Until today i had a Windows 2003 R2 DC where the 2 controllers log on.

This DC runs DNS service too

I have added some week ago a new DC W2008 R2, with DNS installed.

I have changed a week ago DNS on NetAPP to point to the new one.

Until now all seems OK.

Now in "NetApp OnCommand System manager"  i see under "CIFS" then "Domain" that the old domain controller has status "connected" as  \\%oldDC%.

I can see both the DC (2003 and 2008) as "Favored".

My question is: what happens if i turn off the old 2003 DC, as  both controllers seem to be connected with it ?

Any impact i am not aware of?

Thaks in advance.



it's a basic ActiveDirectory thing: you don't just turn off the old DC, you have to demote it.

then it will remove it's records from AD/DNS. the filers will see this change in DNS and will only connect to the new DC, as no other DCs exist anymore.