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CIFS Issues by external application after migration to cDOT 8.3.1




after 7MTT-migration of a CIFS-vFiler fsxxx from 7-Mode (8.1.4P7) to cdot (8.3.1P1), there are problems with file access.

The problem occurs in the "MAPInfo" application (GIS Mapping - by pitney bowes).

Within a lot of program modules are using an internal "FileExists()" command to check, whether the user is allowed to access a specific file in a specific directory.

After migration this "FileExists()" command always returns "True", if the file exists in the corresponding directory; even there are no ("windows"-)permission to access this directory!

I am well aware that no problems from external applications can be resolved here. But what are the changes from 7-mode (8.1.4P7) to cdot (8.3.1P1) that could cause such a phenomenon? Has anyone ever had similar experiences?

I am grateful for every suggestion.

Best wishes




Some thoughts:


  1. The security style of the root of the SVM, and any other volumes mounted in the name space. If it is UNUX, the default unix permission allows read access to everyone.
  2. Name mapping. Is the Windows user  mapped to a unix user who has read permission on the files?
  3. CIFS options -  [ -is-exportpolicy-enabled {true|false} ] *Is Export Policies for CIFS Enabled
    [ -is-unix-nt-acl-enabled {true|false} ] *Is NT ACLs on UNIX Security-style Volumes Enabled
  4. Export policy rules applied to the volume(s)
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