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CIFS Session vs CIFS Credentials large mismatch



     We have found on few of our filers CIFS credentials and CIFS sessions missmatch. I have tried searching and could not get any data. We have seen filers panics (not sure if this is related to CIFS cred & CIFS Sessions)

     Is there any particular reason when the filer would have 100 CIFS credentials and 5000 CIFS sessions. Seems a bit odd?

     We have over large number of filers and this condition is seen only on 20.

     Please let me know if there is anything known to NetApp about this condition.

Thanks in advanced



Ideally you may encounter both situations. It is quite normal to have a larger number of credentials against a smaller number of sessions.

The most common reason is that CIFS allows one session to share many users (in case of a terminal server type scenario).

The reverse is also possible as your query where number of credentials is lower than sessions. If there are multiple CIFS sessions created for a single user, you will end up in situation like this.


Thanks for the reply!

Terminal server type scenario -- In our environment sers dont access NetApp via Terminal server. Am I understanding your comments correctly?

Can you suggest how can we create in a la situation where session vs credentials greatly mismatch?

Thanks in advance