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renaming a folder in a CIFS share


I have a filer FAS2050 , running version 7.3.4P3.    I have a cifs share setup, and underneath there are some folders.  I try to rename a specific folder A which is underneath the cifs share but i get the error rmessage thatthe folder or file in iit is open in anothe rprogram.  I have checked in open files, and closed all sessions which opened for this folder, but still get the same message.   Is there anything else I need to do to make the folder rename.  Do i need to stop cifs or something, or do anything on that share.

Any advise



check the locked file on the cifs share with "lock status" command

>lock status -f -p cifs (to show and identify all locked cifs files)

>lock break -f "/vol/share/folder/file.doc" -p cifs (to show all locks on the listed file)

>lock break -f "/vol/share/folder/file.doc" -p cifs (to clear all locks on the listed file)


can you run these commands on folders as well as files, as its a folder that i want to rename.


i'll first check to see what file is locked in the folder with lock status, then lock break that file in that folder using the commands before trying to rename the said folder.