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CIFS Share MacOS Finder Tags


Hi everyone,


i´ve created a cifs share and enabled fpolicy. 

Some of us have macs and using the finder tags. If I disable the fpolicy for the specific share, they are able to tag folders on their macs. But if its enabled, its not working.
Thats the tagging "feature" Mac Finder Tag


I´ve tried to find the problem by setting up a security trace filter without success.

Thats the output.


Share: *********
Path: /:AFP_AfpInfo
Win-User: *****\******
UNIX-User: root
Session-ID: 15035548830954498242
Node******* Security Style: NTFS and NT ACL
Access is allowed because the CIFS user is owner, explicit ACE grants requested access while opening existing file or directory. Access is granted for: "Read Control", "Read Attributes"


Any ideas?