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CIFS file-locking issue


Hello everyone,

a customer has been facing an issue with file-locks (mainly Excel) since migrating a 7-mode sytem into a cDOT SVM.

The cDOT system is a 2-node AFF-A250 HA-Pair and the SVM is used for user and group shares.

A recent update from 9.9.1P5 to 9.11.1P3 did not help with the issue.

Fairly frequently, users trying to open files are denied access with the reply, that the file is already opened by another user.
That is the point where the issue takes a couple of different shapes:
-opening user is reported as the user locking the file
-another user is reported to have the file open
-one user is reported to have the file open but a third user actually has the file open
-a user, whose AD account is deactivated, is reported to have the file open

Unfortunately so far, it was not possible to provoke or reproduce the issue, so currently we don't have any real clue as to what is causing it.

Has anyone encountered this strange behaviour as well or has an idea how to fix it?

Any advice is welcome!



Thanks for the articles.

We did some testing regarding the preview pane earlier but that didn't help with the issue.

Everything from "The Definitive 'Locked File' Post"we tried, also didn't help explain or solve the issue.


ok. Have you raised ticket with NetApp for this issue. It would be advisable to open a support case, and have it investigated, as this will require some testing/logs. It is difficult to say what could be the cause, but it will need to be tested. Office version/antivirus/plug-in, anything could be it or even something with-in storage, so better to have a support case open.

Just for reference:

Microsoft Office Excel 2010 SP2 files are being unexpectedly locked - NetApp Knowledge Base


Yes, we have an open ticket with NetApp support. So far, the issue could not be explained or resolved.