Network and Storage Protocols

CIFS lock configuration


Hi All,

We have an issue that cifs locked files quit often, we manually unlock it, so that is not the issue.

So i just want to know is there any misconfiguration that might effect the the lock.

When compared to the other machines, i saw the "max locks" option was set to high.

Is setting too high might cause the lock occurence more frequent?

Model Name:         FAS3020

#ssh filer02 version

NetApp Release 7.2.4P7: Fri Apr 11 00:22:07 PDT 2008

#ssh filer02 cifs stat| grep lock
                lock        0  0%
              unlock        0  0%
            lockread        0  0%
          X&lockread        0  0%
         writeunlock        0  0%
            lockingX 1266147723  0%
         cancel lock        0
           wait lock        0
Max locks = 1785
Max gSMBBlockingQueue depth  = 3

Thanks for the help.



i also foun the lockingX is quite high. Tried to google what lockingX means but not sure what it means.

Is it related too?


Did anyone have any idea about this? Maybe some link so i can refer to..