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Where can I find the operational logs for the filer that will give the information below? I am currently using the simulator (v 7.3). Are there any differences between the simulator and the actual appliance that will affect what I am trying to extract?

Data I wish to extract (per file uploaded or downloaded from the filer share):

- File name

- File type (or extension - maybe available in the name itself)

- User trying to access / update / upload

- File size

- Time taken to upload / download the file





As far as I know, switching on CIFS Auditing will give you some of that information (assuming you are accessing via CIFS), File name / User access.

The rest of the information is not going to be available directly, I'm sure there are third party products that can provide this information by acting as proxy the Filer.

NFS and FTP access offer some more detailed logging.


Ok, Thanks.  The intent I have behind extracting such data is to figure out how much file read/write load did the filer serve in a given amount of time. I am interested only in the user accessed files on the filer (the content) and not in the operational logs / files that are maintained and used for its internal operations. We turned on CIFS auditing and are currently trawling through its logs to find counters of interest.

We are also looking at the "cmstats_hourly" file that seems to have a lot of interesting settings. Are there tools that extract data we need from this file or detailed help on the counters that this file logs?

You also mentioned 3rd party tools that may help - can you please point us to those?