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CIFS share "you do not have permissions to access this resource"


Environment: FAS270 with DoT 7.2.4 on a Windows AD Domain

All my users can access the HOME share with no problem. I can create another share without a problem but get the error above when I try to click in it from Windows.  I can only access the Share I created with an enterprise admin account all other accounts get access denied. If I compare the HOME share with my Share in System Manager 2.0 they both have identical permissions (everyone Full control). This happens with every share I create.

Any ideas?



With the enterprise admin account, can you right click on the folder, click on properties, and view the security tab?  It sounds like you are talking about the share permissions and not the ntfs (security tab) permissions.


Just out of curiosity, did you remember to change your Qtree settings on the share from UNIX to NTFS? By default they get set to UNIX unless you specified otherwise.

Otherwise, you are looking at a Share vs NTFS security issue


If I look on the Security tab of each of the shares on the HOME everyone has full control and on My Share only my domain admin has full control. Logged in with that domain admin I try to change the permissions to add everyone to My share and I get access denied. I tried to take ownership of My Share with my DA account and it just sits there forever.

I do not have any Qtrees set on anything.