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Unable to ssh (putty) to a vFiler


Problem:  Unable to ssh into a vFiler console.  Error: Server sent disconnect message type 2 (protocol error): "Shell not supported on vFilers"

Note: ssh is enabled on the vFiler;  secureadmin setup ssh

Question:  Is putty (ssh) supported on a vFiler?

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Interactive shell is not supported to a vFiler (stay tuned for this in a future ONTAP)... you have to "ssh vfiler command" and can get non-interactive access only.  You can use plink to do this to issue the non-interactive ssh command to the vfiler.  Interactive shell is currently only supported to vfiler0 (the physical system).


Hey everyone, I know this thread is a bit old, but I am just getting into my first vFiler setups. As I understand it, vFilers are being billed as "secure multi-tenancy". How is this secure if you have to log into the main vFiler0 to do any configuration of the vFiler? How can I have the rest of vFiler0 be "invisible" to the owners of the separate vFiler? Maybe I'm missing the point? Or is the point to just segment the data but not the management?



Each vFiler can authenticate separate from vfiler0. Vfiler0 Admin can context to any vFiler though so it is a global admin to all vfilers For data access though vfiler0 can't access other vFiler data by NAS or San protocol. With exceptions of ndmp, dump, mirror and vault.

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Hi Scott,

As the other Scott mentioned you can't ssh directly to the vfiler but if your logging on to the filer you can save yourself having to enter "vfiler run" each time you enter a vfiler command by entering "vfiler context vfilername"  

To go back to the root filer just enter "vfiler context vfiler0"