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Changing Domain Controller Name in FAS series (OnTap 7.3)



We have FAS 3140 and 2040 Filers, through the browser UI where can I change the domain controller name against which the Filer can authenticate for CIFS shares.

For some reason even though I change in the CLI it doesn't take effect.

As we have moved from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008 Domain controller along with some network changes, there is a need to do this.

OnTap version running on the filers is 7.3

Can some one help me out at the earliest ?






Perhaps I'm missing something obvious here, but you authenticate basically to a "domain".  All of the domain controllers in the same domain have the same information.  You can set up a "preferred" controller, but the results should largely be the same, modulo some 2008 functionality.  The connection to the current domain controller won't be broken without a reason.  The CLI gives you the option to reset this connection. Give the manpages a read.  Even with all of this, it is still just a "preferred DC" so there is no absolute deterministic behaviour there. If you don't want to use the 2003 controller, turn it off.