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Chuck Hollis (EMC) about Ontap 8.1.1


Waiting for NetApp Data ONTAP 8.1.1 I found this blog about it and thought this would be the right place to get some answers from the other side (NetApp).



Take everything with a grain of salt, his company's products are better, they are his company's after all.  For every side of the coin shown, there is another.  And then there is the other side of the coin for their products.  We as customers drive products, if we buy it because it fits our need in enough numbers, every vendor will find a way to back pedal without admitting they are.

Now don't get me wrong, there are NetApp folks who do the same thing...tit for tat is a given in life(especially this time of year in the US!)  I really wish that things like the fact he hasn't seen ANY information on snapping a 5TB volume versus a 20PB one would stop him from trying to drop a little FUD.

When it comes to SSDs, I don't care where my data lives long term, as long as it is on the highest speed disks when that is needed, and it doesn't take a lot of time(every app will tolerate this differently) to reposition the data.  He is correct about global SSD pools, it will hurt to have to deal with parity drives per aggregate for SSD drives(which in the enterprise space are insanely expensive.)  But this is what FlexCache is for, being able to tune your system for exactly what you need(his viewpoint being, but bigger and just deal with paying for what you don't need doesn't fly well with me.)


Thank you for your comment to this.

And of couse if I read "Chuck Hollis, VP -- Global Marketing CTO EMC Corporation" it would be a bit odd to advertise every good NetApp feature.

Found an older blog with some more comments from Chuck Hollis (and really quick commented as first) about NFS Benchmark and price comparison emc <> netapp, funny to read: