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Cifs enabled NFS Volume for ESX datastore


Does anybody have any suggestions on how to go about creating a Cifs/NFS volume for use with ESX?  The Cifs is required becuase we want to write to the same location from a windows host.

The project is for a offsite DR solution.  Servers are backed up to a windows box on a remote location, the backup solution writes the data to .vmdk files in the Cifs share,  then we want to be able to spin up the VMs as quicky as possable from the NFS datastore.




I don't understand where the problem is. If you have a volume, simply put it in /etc/exports for your NFS access, and create a share on it via "cifs shares -add" (or via System Manager/FilerView).

For ESX the volume needs to have UNIX style security and the ESX host must have rw AND root access to it.