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Migrate from one SAN to another


Greetings all,
I am sure other folks have run into this and I was curious what solutions you have used to accomadate this task with minimal disruption and disharmony to your respective environments.

We have two sans our old compellent and our brand spanking new FAS6280. Both sans are on seperate SAN switches. We wish to move our physical servers and data from the compellent san to our new 6280 and new san switches.

What is the most painless way to go to evacuate the old san? What needs to be setup from the san switch side etc?

What tools/utilities are needed?

The switches that the Compellent is on are Cisco MDS 9222i.
The switches that the Netapp is on are the Cisco MDS 9513.

Please advise if I need to provide more information I would like to hear your thoughts and solutions.

I truly appreciate it!



A bit more info would be helpful.  What OS are the servers?  How many servers?  What is the nature of the data (luns, filesystem, vmfs...)?  How much data?  Any allowable downtime?