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Create/remove directories in vserver root volume


I have a vserver with a directory created in the root volume (not qtree). it looks like root volume are always ready only.

How can I remove this directory?





you can remove it using the diag mode but caution should be applied and confirm that it is the right directory, you are removing.

If not take the support of NETAPP support.

thank you



Since you mentioned vserver, this is CluserMode, correct?

Root volumes are not always read-only.

You don't mention how you see this volume as read-only; but if it is via a CIFS share, the following may be helpful:

If you have a CIFS share to a volume with load-sharing mirrors, you will be  connected to the load-sharing mirrors, which are read-only.  If you want to connect to the actual root volume you need to create a CIFS share with the path set to "./admin", this share will put you on the actual root volume, and not one of the load-sharing copies.  Take proper precautions with who can access this share, this is to the root of your filesystem.

If you are not accessing this via CIFS, or you do not have load-sharing mirrors in place for this root volume, something else may be going on (e.g. the share is read-only, if NFS, export is ro, etc).