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Customer asked; a way to view their individual disk utilization. Does NetApp have something that does this?


I have a NetApp FAS2020 storage array and I have created a number of volumes on it and have assigned those volumes to different departments in my organisation. I am looking for a way for each department to be able to view their individual disk utilization. Something that shows the free space, used space etc.

Does NetApp have something that does this?



Do you mean the actual physical disk?  Or free/used space within the volume?

Which protocol are you using to present the storage to the departments?  CIFS, NFS, SAN?

If you are talking CIFS or NFS, you will need to make sure each department share is within its own qtree (quota tree) and you have quotas enabled.



'accounting' share points to /cifs_vol1/accounting_qtree

'engineering' share points to /cifs_vol1/engineering_qtree

I may be way off depending on what you are actually trying to do.  You mention "a number of volumes" in your original post.  If you really are presenting each department with its own volume, none of this would really apply.


Sean is onto something here.You could also segregate by giving every dept. its own vfiler, its interesting in many ways, its safer, its easier to migrate, report from etc.

In short you need to give each dept. its own "envelope" to sit under. This could be a vfiler, a volume or a qtree. It all depends on your environment and how you want to do reporting. You can then do reporting using quotas command and/or OM/DFM.




I've not heard back from the customer.  from talking wit them I understand it's

free/used space within the volume?

These are excellent options, suggestions.  I'll see what the customer advises.

Thank you for your replies and ideas.