Network and Storage Protocols

snapdrive can't add storage system by RPC Protocol


I get a problem in add storage when I useing snapdrive!

When I choose Transport Protocal Settings,

and add a storage system,

In the Connection Type,I choose RPC,

and press OK,

but I get a message

Failed to verify the login credentials for the storage system.\ Failed to get Data ONTAP version run on the storage system

Error Description: RPC Error - Access is denied.

Is any body meet the same problem?

Is any body can help me!




I assume that It looks like the service account of the Snapdrive windows service does not have sufficient privileges on the filer. This account needs to be member of the administrator group of the filer. BTW, I assume the CIFS is working properly on the filer.

You can add the service account to the administrator group with following command:

> useradmin domainuser add <username> -g administrators