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fas250 diff ip's in two networks?


I have an old FAS250 in our lab I want accessible from some production servers and from the lab servers. Networking has limited connectivity between lab and production.

However, on a unix box of ours in the lab, for example, they have a script to bring down the en1 networking interface from lab and bring up the en0 interface in production ( just swapping IP's )

  ifconfig en0 down

  ifconfig en0 detach

  /usr/sbin/mktcpip -h labserver ... IP, subnet, gateway ... en0

Is is possible to script this on my filer in the lab ( either from the filer itself or from the lab unix machine )  since i have e0a and e0b connected? I thought networking could configure what they need, then I'll just down e0a and up e0b and vice versa.

Guess I'm looking for commands or scripting ideas to use with OnTap and the networking interfaces. Thanks.



You should have a console for this... a serial console or ip console that can connect to the serial console port on the 250.  The 250 doesn't have an ethernet console like newer systems (bmc/rlm/sp).  THen you can ifconfig e0a and e0b down and up and make changes.

You could look at creating text files with all your commands then source the command file with "source filename" on the controller... if all the commands and timing work out you'd lose console but it would come back when ifconfig is done... once you down the interface you can't ifconfig to bring it up on that network which is down...but with a source file that has the ifconfig new settings it would bring it back...risky but if a lab you can try this.  A serial console would be easiest though.


I see. The command source would simply read in a string of commands? If I have a vif on these guys, should I just tear that down and rely only on the IP's configured for e0a nad e0b?

edit: wanted to add,  i agree about the console bit. On our unix server where we swap lab/prod, we have to be logged in via the console. I'm going to try to get a KVM on it and go that route. Thanks.




you could write a text file for example source.txt to /vol0/etc with some commands

ifconfig vifname down

vif destroy vifname

ifconfig e0a ip netmask x.x.x.x up

ifconfig e0b ip netmask x.x.x.x up

then type "source -v /etc/source.txt" and it should bring the network back up...but any typos or timing issues will be a from a console is best but this can work with some testing and low risk since  lab setup.


Could you not create two vlans ontop of the vif and have these exsist in both networks. you can then limit what interfaces protocols can use.