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Data/LUN migration


Hi All

We are running out of free space on our Netapp device. No approval for purchasing new disk shelf. The filer is a 3140 HA pair

We are looking to migrate the data on the LUNs coming from Netapp to Clariion to fix the space issue.

What is the best method the carry out this activity without application team having to do the reinstallation and reconfiguration of the application.

Also the server is having a boot LUN which too needs to be migrated to clariion.





Having done a number of migrations among HP, EMC Symmetrix/Clariion, and NetApp storage, we've found the best way to migrate data is to use host-based mirroring/shadowing (different OS's have different terminology).  So... you would create equivalent sized luns on the clariion, form host-based mirror relationships between the NetApp lun and the clariion lun, allow them to sync up, then break the mirror at the appropriate time.  HTH.


Any way you need to have application downtime. Use robo copy and map the drives with the same names or drive letters. bring the application back. You are eliminating the application team involvement.

But you cannot do this on the fly with out bring the application down.

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Thank you resqme914 and AGUMADAVALLI for your response. we however have an issue here. Our environment has few racks of cisco ucs blade servers and the complete rack has only 2 FCoE cables which are connected to the cisco nexus switch.

There are no physical HBA cards, these are logical and picked up from the pool of HBA's, the same applies to enthernet card.

The switch is a SAN/network switch.