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Ontap 8.1: Connecting MAC OS X 10.6.8 NFS/CIFS?



We're just creating a Ontap 8.1 unit for a mixed environment of Windows-Clients (SMB 2.0) and MAC OS X 10.6.8 Clients (NFS?).

and therefore we're having a few questions...

- This should be a high performance filer - so should we connect the MACs via NFS or via CIFS?

- The Windows User are in Active Directory but the MAC-User are "standalone" - is there a "better way" as to "translate" them via usermap.cfg or passwd ?

- are there some requirments for the MAC-UIDs of the different users?

- Should the qtrees set as "NTFS" or "mixed"? --> we want to use AD-Groups for setting file-security...

Is there an up2date whitpaper (Ontap 8.1) for Netapp integrating MAC-Clients?

We'll be glad for some help






I have the same question and add a little more complexity, Microsoft DFS server to manage all CIFS share. Mac user will access to MS DFS to access NetApp CIFS share and will authenticate though MS Active directory. It sound make sense as there will be only one server to manage all share. Problem is when Mac's Finder browse the SMB directory, it took about 10 second to show the screen, had google around, and some solution is provided, going to test them later 🙂

I'm here to look for best practices, anyone can help?

NetApp KB also mentioned this is a bug, workaround is to turn off stream in Finder.