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Do we have any plans to support infiniband for front-end protocol??


Hi All,

IHAC asked me that about to use infiniband for front-end protocol (not interconnect)

Do we have any plans to support infiniband for front-end protocol??




No official support and none I have seen on any roadmap... but I heard there was one customer using NFS with special approval but don't know if it was ever fully baked.  This requires an engineering PVR (policy variance request) filed and when the NetApp SE files it they can lookup the prior PVR.  If I had to bet, I would bet it won't be approved, but since there were rumors of it and possibly a customer using it, you might have a small chance.  For SAN LUNs, probably not likely at all...


Keep in mind that from a product point of view NetApp have actually moved away from using InfiniBand for the back-end interconnect and over to 10GbE interfaces.


3200 is 10GbE but 6200 is still IB… I thought 10GbE on all but just installed a 6200 and saw IB. But good point we don’t see IB out there much at all except when we implement Xsigo and they support 10GbE now too.


And then they moved back to infiniband for the FAS2240 interconnect...go figure.


So still Infiniband not supported ... still used for HA ... also used on the market for cluster (OS, application, ... ) --> latency for shared memory !

All Server vendors propose and tell that they support and have Infinband card for their models ....

CISCO ... go-out from this body (Netapp)