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Does ONTAP 7G support re-exporting a NFS mount from a client to additional servers?


If I mount a NFS export on a client, can I re-export that mount point, from the client, to additional servers?  Is it supported?  I know it's not a good idea, as it can circumvent the original security on the export.  But I have a customer that is asking the question.  I can not find any concrete information if ONTAP supports it.  Thanks.



The question is unrelated to Data ONTAP. You have to ask your operating system vendor whether re-exporting of NFS is supported. It is not supported with stock Linux kernel NFS implementation (although rumors are it is possible to make it work and that there are various user-space implementations that do it).


I haven't tried it...but proxy technologies do it (F5 ARX for example that build a namespace in front of other nfs mounts and cifs shares).  If you have root access and can export (circumventing like you said the original export by re-xporting...but that is a local server admin root function) then you could try.  Do you have a lab setup to try it out? Since a host issue support may not answer right away but also might be able to help.


I have similar requirement of modifying (add) export properties durring mounting nfs volumes to new server other than the one it originaly had exported to.

Does anyone how we can do this.

E.g. I will mount a Q-tree on a UNIX server initially and need to mount the same q-tree to additional server, before mounting am I able to remotely change export properties without reaching to storage administrator.

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