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Vol move to new aggregate


Hi everybody

I was wondering if i can use the vol move command (DOT8) for doing the following task:

We need to move destination snapmirror volume to a new SATA aggregate (on the same controller)

Some volumes contain snapmirror of lun and snapmirror of CIFS volume

I've read that lun move is only supported for LUN

but I do not care about "no disruptive" move, as there are read only snapmirror volumes

Does anybody already use this method for moving volume?

Thanks for your reply




What would be the best method to move destinations snapmirror volume to a new aggregate

vol move

vol copy

may be even aggr copy (as all volumes in the source aggregate must be move)

or snapmirror the old destination to the new one

your help or advice are welcome


If no cifs shares or nfs exports it may work... need to test out vol move on a mirror volume (but may not work) in a vsim or the lab.

Typically, I cascade the snapmirror then update the new target from the original source and release snapshots.  Cascaded mirrors work very well and we use them often to move mirror targets.  Since all snapshots move with the cascade, you can update from the original source volume.


Thanks for your reply Scott

I was thinking about using vol move as it seems more practical then snapmirror + quiesce + break + vol rename +......, as I have to move 40 volumes

the vol move command will do the job in one time


Test out on a test mirror. Should work but may have a restriction since I have t tested it. For cascaded mirror, no need to break. Can update from the common snapshot as well but more steps than vol move which would be easier.

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