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FAS2050 - Does anyone use WebDAV?



  We're attempting to do away with a physical machine that does nothing but sit outside of our novell infrastructure and present an smb share that can be accessed regardless of the computer being joined to NDS.  Because of how the share is used, only a couple of people add/change files and any other time it's just used to grab files, and a lack of cifs licensing we thought that a WebDAV/httpd setup right on the FAS would be a perfect replacement.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to get it to function properly and the documentation is quite.. lacking.  Is there anyone who has successfully set this up to work properly?




We have a customer that may be required to add WebDAV to a filer they are purchasing, so I am interested in any possible responses to this also.

Based on the date of your post, did you make any head-way or find some documentation?




Unfortunately, no.  As you can see, no one ever replied to this thread, and I had other more high priority projects to deal with so I gave up on this for now.


I would like an answer to the quality of webdav from the fas2050 and a testimonial as to its usefulness, too.  The documentation seemed thin leading me to think this was going to be super easy but I haven't pulled the trigger on it yet.  I'd much rather hear of someone else's successes and/or gotchas first.


Someone else had some insights....


NetApp support webDAV, but ... you know my meaning.

Simply you need http license.

After add the license. enable the webdav.

filer>optoins webdav.enable on

this options is on in default.


http is licensed, webdav.enable = on.  I never got it to work.


I running test for a while.

The webDAV only works when the filer is not in domain and doesn't enalbe NTLM  authentication. It is my test result for now.

In other circumstances, there will have many strange behavior.

I guess the behavior is caused by microsoft webdav minireadir user agent. It is build in IE 6 and IE 7 and run as webclinet service (webclnt.dll). If you install SP3 for XP, the version should be 5.1.26. It could have problem.

But if you use other agent which support webDAV such as AnyClinet, it works fine.



I have the same problem, do you have found a solution ?

Thank you


Works for me using an iPad:

options httpd.enable on

options httpd.rootdir /vol/of/my/choice

options httpd.autoindex.enable on

options webdav.enable on

I have selected the volume that is also a CIFS share and it works without any authentication. So I have selected a subfolder where I have only public files.

Does anyone have some security for webdav?