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FAS2240 - BackupExec 2012 - Backup CIFS without NDMP



i have a FAS2240 and want to Backup some CIFS-Shares but don't have a NDMP-license.

- NetApp Release 8.1.2RC2 7-Mode

- Backup Exec 2012 - 14.0 1798

- ndmp on the NetApp is disabled

- created a domain account and added this to the administrators group on the NetApp.

- i can browse the CIFS-Shares using \\netapp01\ in Windows Explorer on the Backup Server using the domain account

- after adding the NetApp in BackupExec as FileServer i added the credentials of the domain account as a logon account but always get the error "failed to browse netapp01. a network connection to the server could not be established".

Anyone can help on this?





I'm almost positive you're going to need a NDMP license for backup exec.

Maybe request a trial from Symantec, and on the netapp type "options ndmpd" and turn on / configure what's necessary.

What is backup exec backing up to?


If you want to backup NetApp directly, you need NDMP. It may be possible to map share from NetApp on Windows server and backup this mapped share from this Windows server, but this question is probably better answered on Symantec forums ☺


This is an "old" issue with some Backup Programs...

Try this in BE:

Try Tools > Options > Network and Security > check the "Enable selection of user shares".

You will always get an error in the backup log, about a missing BackupExec Agent, because there is no Agent for Ontap.

If you want error free backups, you can use NDMP, which is available in BE since a few years now and is for free on NetApp.

Here is another doc from Symantec (about EMC, but this is the same issue):


Hi,  for Backup Exec the Administrative Console is different than previous versions of Backup Exec.  Here is another document referencing how to get to the location to check the "Enable selection of user sharescheck the "Enable selection of user shares"