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FAS2520 join a samba4.2.10 domain



I try to join a domain that is managed by a Samba 4.2.10 server (in AD mode). I created a dedicated SVM for my test and I use the wizard available in OnCommande Manager.

After entering the domain and username fields allowed to add machines to the domain, I click on Setup and I get the error:


Data ONTAP API Failed :Failed to create the Active Directory machine account "SMYDS". Reason: LDAP Error: Strong authentication is required Details: Error: Machine account creation procedure failed [ 159] Loaded the preliminary configuration. [ 194] Successfully connected to using TCP [ 205] Unable to connect to LDAP (Active Directory) service on (Error: Strong(er) authentication required) **[ 205] FAILURE: Unable to make a connection (LDAP (Active ** Directory):MY.DOMAIN.LAN), result: 7609 . (Error: 13001)


Have already managed to add 8.2 Data ontap a samba domain 4?

Thank you in advance.





This error is due to the domain policy requiring LDAP sealing and signing. This functionality was added in Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3.2
You can disable requirement of LDAP sealing and signing in the Domain policy.
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Thanks for links but after search i'm use a parameter in smb.conf


ldap server require strong auth = no