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[NFS] hangs while llisting share


Hi everyone,


I have a issue with my FAS2554.

I set up a LDAP, on my FAS and a server. It seems to work ok.

Now, I have exported two NFSv4 shares /tools and /home (with users home directories)

The thing is that I can mount these shares from my server without any problems. /tools share works fine. When I try to access /home and list it it hangs (the bash an a server)

But when I go directly to a user home directory for example

cd /home/joedoe
ls -al

I got list of file with proper owner, group and access rights. Upper directory is described as owned by root:root with drwxr.xr.x. Of course when i try to go to upper directory /home it hangs...

I found nothing interesting in syslog, of a server and LDAP server (it seems to bind ok)

Please give me a hand cause I'm out of ideas....





Can you let us know the Data ONTAP version installed?



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