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Failed to mount CIFS share


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Need on advise on my configuration on netapp cluster which is i try to setup 1 netapp simulator cmode version 9.x using vmware workstation pro 15.0. I already succeed configure cluster (1 node), create aggregate and create svm with cifs protocol. I also have done to connect my cluster to my lab domain. 


I also succeed to create volume, create share and verify a juction path on svm. All in good condition. But when i try to mount the share file that i create, it failed. It show in event log in the netapp as per below.




I already try few resolution that i found in the KB when i google it but still the issue still persisted. Any idea on this issue? 



Have you create the mount export policy for the CIFS mount 

and cretade the rule in it on export policy including access rights.


dis you map the root user to admin on the CIFS share. Also by the error messages it says not able to reach the logon servers (DNS servers). perform the ping test and try to set the prefdc for this SVM. 


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