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Folder disappear after folder creation


Hello everyone,


Since a while we observed strange issues with NetApp Filer and Windows 7 Clients using cifs.

Our clients have mapped network drives that lies on NetApp Filer Volumes, mounted via CIFS share + DFS-Target.


Some of our clients reported a loss of there folders/files inside their mapped drive for about 10 seconds untill 30 minutes after creating a new folder.



Does anyone have experience with kind of this problems.

It's desperating that I cannot handle this problem.



Can you help me?






Did the files/folder reappear after 10 seconds? or are they permanenly lost? Is this happening all the time? Only on any particular volume or all volumes? any other clients affected?

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The files and folders reappear after that time. They're not lost. 

At the moment only 2 users are affected by this issue. They can reproduce it all the time.


The underlying volumes are different volumes but they are on the same filer.

This is probably a caching issue on the client. Try setting the DirectoryCacheLifetime to zero as described here: -Michael