Network and Storage Protocols

Have you checked out NetApp's new, more powerful FAS2000 product line?


On November 8, 2011, NetApp announced a new, more powerful lineup of FAS2000 products.  The new FAS2240 system brings a significant performance improvement for demanding workloads and is ideal for virtualization or Windows environments.  The popular FAS2040 system is is now priced for value-conscious customers who need a powerful system at an affordable price, with solutions starting under $7,500.  More software value is built-in at no additional cost on both products, including all data protocols and the new, easy-to-use System Manager 2.0.  System Manager makes it simple not only to install and configure storage, but also to manage on a day-to-day basis through NetApp's tight integration with today's key business applications.

For complete details, please see the NetApp FAS2000 product website:

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Is it already on PartnerEdge?


The new FAS2240 systems are in PE today.  The new pricing on FAS2040, as well as add-on storage for FAS2240, will be available in PE on Nov 21.


It was on fieldportal about a month ago.