Network and Storage Protocols

Hi, I have been assigned a project to migrate from a EMC Clarion to a Netapp FAS box.


I would like to know what is the best method for the same and also the various options available. The netapp filer will be used to present the data to the hosts via FC protocol, no CIFS or NFS involved.

Please let me know about the details of the same.




Also like to add that we want to migrate from a clarion CX240 to netapp fas 3270. Ideally we would like to avoid a host based migration and would like to know what tools are available to achieve the same.


Check out the DTA2800. It is a pretty slick box.

The documentation can be found here:

This provides migration assistance without having to do a host based data moves.

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EDIT: Just so you know this does exactly what you are looking for. A data migration while the hosts are online and the migration happens in the background. The last I heard is that all you needed to do was a reboot when everything was synced up and the host would attach to the new LUN's. This might have changed to be more seamless but I am not 100%. Also, last I checked, you didn't have to buy the device, a NetApp certified DTA guy could come to you, set it up and help you do the migration then leave once everything was done and take the device with them.

Thanks for the detailed update Richard.. I will have this looked at in depth and check for the feasibility on the same.


afaik there is an option to attach netapp luns to the same system, do a raid1 mirror and then deattach the emc ones?




I don't think it sounds feasible - that would require host OS mirroring (something like Windows dynamic disks) & it sounds just too complicated (& not necessary doable for already formatted partition with data).

You can attach LUNs from both source & target SAN to the same host & do a plain copy, but this is not what Jayesh is after.





Is this a VMware environment? or LUNs attached to servers?

This is a completely windows environment where the Luns are attached to the servers and no virtulization is involved. For that reason, I am thinking that Rovo Copy may work...