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7mode migration project forget lun

I migrate luns to new netapp with 7mode migration tool. I create a project , choice the luns from the same server and start copy steps. Now i check it again and see that i forget to add one lun. If i now finish migration one raw device will be missing.
How can i add the missong lun to the project or how to delete project i have two green points.

Re: 7mode migration project forget lun

Hi there!


Because of the potential risk here and the need to understand many aspects to properly resolve this issue, please open a case with our support center to get help with this. Contact details are at https://www.netapp.com/us/contact-us/support.aspx



Re: 7mode migration project forget lun

it was not so complicated, i create a new migration project for only this volume which i forget. and then i finish two project.

everything was OK.

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Re: 7mode migration project forget lun

sorry i was writting about luns,  i mean volume. you  migrate volumes

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