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FAS2552 ports


Hi all,

I have a 7-mode FAS2552 which is connected to 2 FC switches from its ports e0c and e0d, both controllers.

Can the other two ports on each controller (e0e and e0f) also be connected to the Fiber Switches for redundancy or even better speed?

Thanks in advance!

Apostolos Gkavanozis

Re: FAS2552 ports


e0c and e0d are LAN ports, you probably mean 0c and 0d. Yes, two other ports can be used either as LAN or FC. You will need to use matching SFP and possible reconfigure port mode (switch between LAN and FC).

Re: FAS2552 ports


Hi and thanks for your reply.

You are right, I do mean the ports 0c and 0d.

I want to use them as FC ports for redundancy and maybee better transfer rates,

but when I insert an SFP I receive the error message "The SFP in adapter 0e is not valid... adapter supports 10 Gbit/Sec

but inserted SFP supports 4, 8, 16 Gbit/sec"

Do I have to reconfigure the ports 0c and 0d?

In the GUI I see them configured as FC ports (see attached image)


Apostolos Gkavanozis

Re: FAS2552 ports


You'll probalby need to flip the mode from CNA to FC on the port. 


Can you post the output from 

ucadmin show




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