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Host-side SCSI Timeouts when using Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator on windows 2012


Hi everyone,

We are currently switching over from windows server 2008r2 to windows server 2012 in our enterprise. On Windows server 2008r2 we have had a few issues regarding Host-side SCSI Timeouts when using iSCSI.

On the following url to speak of this issue:

In Windows server 2008r2 this was handled by adjusting a couple of registry values:

◦Disk class driver's TimeOutValue


◦Microsoft iSCSI initiator specific SrbTimeoutDelta.

My question is: Has anyone experienced any problem regarding this issue on windows server 2012?

Second question: if so, has anyone found where these registry values are located in windows server 2012?

Hope you guys can help me out.

thanks in advance