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error in passwd look up of uid 20041


periodically I am getting following on the filer's console. There seems no issue to access CIFS/NFS, and I don't see there is uid 20041 from that linux server. Could you please advice what could cause the error message? Thanks!

Mon Jan 20 16:11:03 EST filername:auth.trace.authenticateUser.loginTraceMsg:info]: AUTH: Error in passwd look up of uid 20041 during login from x.x.x.x.



May be you have some file that belongs to this UID?


Some files owned by a Window ID are translated to this Unix ID 20041 on the filer? How could I find these files or Window ID owning these files?

Is that true when a file on CIFS shares gets accessed, the user who is accessing the file, his Window ID will be translated to an Unix ID on NetApp filer?


Well, you did not say whether qtree had unix or ntfs security.

Yes, for CIFS access NetApp always translates Windows users to Unix users. That is why having fall back default user is important.


We have some qtrees with unix security and the other with ntfs. Based on IP address the error indicated, I know that qtrees from that host are all with ntfs. So, to answer your question, that qtree is with ntfs security.

So, my question is, what Window user and/or which file he is accessing has caused the error?

Also when I do "cifs sessions", I can see most of Window ID's are translated to pcuser. Which "option" has defined this setting?

Thank you!


Can anybody please help me out here? I am stuck...


Just to see if anybody can shed a light on this issue?