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How to control visibility of volumes to SD6.0 and above at server


Let me explain first why I am asking this question. Prior to SD6.0, Storage admin was able to control what volumes of a particular (v)filer SD can use to provision LUNs. So Admin need to create CIFS share and then SD can use that particular volume to provision LUNs.

SD6.0 onwards, SD can see all volumes of the (v)filer it got connection with so concern is that because in most of the companies storage and windows admin team are different so by mistake windows team admin can pick wrong volume to provision the LUN for a particular server.

Its not a techincal issue but kind of manageability issue.

So anybody have anykind of thought to have some kind of control at storage admin side to restrict visibility of volumes at SD from a particular (v)filer ?

Thanks & Regards,
Raju Singh Mahala



Although I can really understand why NetApp went away of the requirement for a CIFS share, they didn't provide an integrated authentication method for SD. Still, NetApp does offer the StorACL tool, available in the Toolchest on NOW.

It's a commandline tool which offers AD athentication, although not for AD groups.

It's far from ideal, but it works!